Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have decided that I would like to write a blog. There is so much that fills me everyday. Yesterday I took our chick into the field. I had recently placed two chairs beneath the oaks. It was a warm day and she was quiet n my arms as we walked along. She had been born by mistake because we did not find the eggs. A young hen had abandoned the nest after the first chick was born. The egg was warm with a small hole. Glenn opened it and there she was. She was born with a club foot. Down to Dr. Mcveigh we went. The leg was bandaged in an attempt to straighten it, to no avail. She gets along just fine. She runs with a decided thump down the hallway. She sleeps in a post office medium box in the cupboard. She is 11 weeks old. We have learned many things. Her sounds all have meaning. Food and sleep chirps are very definite. Greetings are another distinct chirp.

As I sit down under the oak I place her on the ground. Recent rain has given us the pea green grass and she nips at it. I sat there for almost an hour, I even nodded off to sleep. How can one live somewhere for 44 years and only put chairs in a treasured spot this fall? It’s nearly Xmas, it has been a good year. My mind drifts to winter and the quietness of the farm. The gate will be open for winter guests. The field sleeps. The field teaches us about life. Now is a time to contemplate, to look forward with a thankfulness. My thoughts are interrupted by a happy sound. “We have another order” says Glenn. Our email of last week is bringing us lots of orders. Lots of rain is expected.Time to buy shavings for the horse stalls and hen house. More wood onto the back patio. Lavender mulch bags safely into the barn. We will also drag patio potted plants out in the rain.

Xmas is nearly here. We have made stollen and a a fruit cake and fudge. This year we will have a roast, pureed parsnips, vegetable aspic and a South African banana and caramel tart.

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  1. I'm glad you decided to write a blog. You write beautifully. This was a lovely, warm piece. Have fun!